About Us



My name is Manzoor Bhat.

I am engaged in jewelry more than 24 years.

Sale of subjects of handwork like jewelry, carpets and clothes is a family business, which  my elder brother began in 1977. He opened in that time his first shop in Kashmir.

And since then our family is engaged in sale of various handiwork: from clothes and scarfs from wool and пашмины to jewelry from gold and silver.

Now we have 2 shops in Kerala, and going to open one more.

Online shop, which site  you opened now, is  continuation of already existing Oriental Art Emporium shop on Light house beach in Kovalam, state Kerala.

Our shop has been working since 1991, and it is known not only in India, but also abroad.

Unfortunately, not everyone and not always can arrive to Kerala to do shopping, therefore we decided to open also online shop.

Now you can, without leaving the house, to examine our goods and to choose everything that it is pleasant to you, and we will send your choice to any part of the world.